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Training Programs


In addition to assessing your organization’s flying operation, Krikorian Group can develop, or assist in developing, flight safety training programs tailored for your company’s mission.

Flight Preparation & Planning

Know your limitations and your aircraft’s too!  There’s more to proper planning than you think!

Dangerous Weather

We know to avoid thunderstorms (some still don’t), but weather doesn’t have to be violent to be dangerous.

Distraction Mgt

The #1 cause of breakdowns in cockpit discipline is distraction.  We will always face distractions, but they can be dealt with to minimize the threat to flight operations.

Aircraft Performance

Do you enter the charts confident your airplane will perform as advertised?

Know the charts, understand the data, THEN exercise good judgement to plan your takeoff or landing. 

This applies to the C-150 trying to get airborne on a 90° day, as well as the airliner landing on a snowy evening.

Aviation Physiology

You’ll be surprised by the importance of:

    •    Health and fitness

        •    Proper nutrition and hydration

            •    Supplemental oxygen

                •    Rest and stress relief

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Errors in judgement and action happen to all of us, even the pros.  Risk management in aviation requires constant attention at all levels, and regular safety awareness and maneuver training.