NTSB 2008 “Most Wanted” safety actions:  for medivac operations...”Develop and implement flight risk evaluation programs.”

The Krikorian Group

  1. BulletWhat is the likelihood your flying organization might suffer an aircraft accident?

  2. BulletHow effective is your safety program?  Do you HAVE a safety program?

  3. BulletAre losses due to damage and injury affecting your business and insurance premiums?

  4. BulletCan’t afford a full-time safety professional, but would be interested in periodic, contracted safety training and services?

  5. BulletDo you need a consultant with the professional background to assess your organization, develop ground and flight safety training and provide expertise tailored for your flying operation?

  6. BulletDon’t wait any longer!  Talk to Steve Krikorian BEFORE you have to talk to the FAA or the NTSB!

Flight Safety Consulting

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