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“The state of civil aviation safety continued to improve in 2006...”

Major air carriers continued to have the lowest accident rates in civil aviation.”

“...31 accidents, down 20 percent from 2005.  Only 2 of the 31 were fatal resulting in 50 fatalities.”

On-demand Part 135 Operators (air taxi, air tour, medical operations) had 54 accidednts, down almost 20 percent from 2005, with 10 of those accidents resulting in 16 fatalities.”

<paraphrased> Scheduled Part 135 Operators (commuters) account for only 1% of air carrier ops, and their accident rate is comparable to the on-demand 135 rate.

General aviation accounted for the greatest number of civil aviation accidents and fatal accidents in 2006; a total of 1,515 accidents, 303 of them fatal, resulted in 698 fatalities.  ...Since 1990, General Aviation hours flown has declined 20 percent, <but> the GA accident rate stayed relatively stable at approximately 7.5 accidents per 100,000 flight hours.”

---------- NTSB Release, March 13, 2007 ----------


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